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KORD Rewind 2023

KORD remains the only app that transports listeners deep inside the music they love.

As we look ahead to 2024, let’s review some highlights from the past 12 months.
KORD routinely solves mysteries and unearths treasures within the greatest recordings in pop music history, leveraging audio stem technology and tenacious research to redefine our understanding of the songs that shape our lives.

Click “Start” to hear five of our favorite discoveries so far.

Marvin Gaye: “Let's Get It On”

There is no more quintessential example of a must-hear instrumental performance that got “buried in the mix” than Arthur G. Wright’s rhythm guitar on Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s It Get On.” Check out the sample here, and appreciate the full scope of Wright’s handiwork exclusively in KORD.

Don McLean - “American Pie”

We played this one for a celebrated session guitarist who’s performed on myriad hit records and heard untold numbers of multitrack tapes. He wasn’t expecting to be impressed, but when he uncovered the piano and electric guitar muffled in the mix, he couldn’t believe his ears. We feel the same way.

Merle Haggard: “Mama Tried”

That’s Merle Haggard’s wife Bonnie Owens and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” hitmaker Glen Campbell contributing backing vocals to the landmark “Mama Tried.” How do we know? Campbell’s own daughter and grandson confirmed it after streaming the song in KORD.

The Supremes: “You Can't Hurry Love”

Although the Supremes’ seventh number-one hit credits the classic lineup of Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard, KORD determined that Ballard was MIA for the session, and replaced by Marlene Barrow of Motown’s legendary Andantes. Hear for yourself.

Ohio Players: “Love Rollercoaster”

Legend has it that if you listen closely enough to “Love Rollercoaster,” you can hear the murder of Ester Cordet, the model featured on the cover of the Ohio Players’ Honey album. Is it true? We officially solved the case this past June — and we brought receipts.

KORD Facts

Seventeen songs added to the KORD Catalog in 2023 were cut at Motown Records’ famed Hitsville USA, more than any other recording studio.
Motown's Hitsville USA in Detroit, Michigan
Motown’s original headquarters and recording facilities live on as the Motown Museum, located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Mich.

Earliest Recording

Recorded May 21, 1960 at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

Most Recent Recording

Recorded in early 2021 in Niamey, Niger.

KORD Facts

Aside from guitar, bass and drums, the Hammond-B3 organ is the instrument most commonly featured in the KORD Catalog, appearing on 15 different recordings to date.
Jimmy Smith playing the Hammond B-3
Jimmy Smith playing the Hammond B-3 on the cover of the live album ‘Root Down,’ recorded Feb. 8, 1972 at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Los Angeles.

The Most-Played Genres

KORD Facts

Bassist James Jamerson, the cornerstone of Motown’s Funk Brothers, plays on 13 tracks launched on KORD in 2023, more than any other session musician.
James Jamerson
James Jamerson and his iconic Fender Precision bass.

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